Love Never Dies

It is with heavy hearts and tremendous sadness that we share with you the tragic news that Dr. James Picchetti passed away on Sunday, March 15th.

Around the end of February Dr. Picchetti was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and his health suddenly and rapidly declined. He was surrounded by his family and close friends at the end. A private family service was held March 19th. Unfortunately it was required that the number attending be kept very small due to the COVID-19 regulations. We are hoping to have a Celebration of Life service sometime in the near future because we know he was loved and his kindness and compassion was felt by so many people.

We know this news is going to be very sad and traumatic for many of you as there are hundreds of you who have been taken care of by Dr. Picchetti over many years. So many of you had a special relationship with him since he always took the time to get to know his patients because he truly cared about them.

Please know that the whole team is here to support you and right now we have 3 amazing dentists in our office - Dr. Golshani, Dr. Jain, and Dr. Bisterfeldt. They were chosen by Dr. Picchetti because he was confident in their meticulous clinical skills and had faith that they would provide the same high quality of care and compassion that he gave to his patients. Click here to learn more about these doctors. There is also information about our team members who will continue to be here for you. We are in the process of searching for another special dentist to join our team and we can assure you we will not settle for anything less than the best!

Here are some thoughts from Dr. Picchetti's devoted team/dental family:

From Lynn:
Dr. James Picchetti was a quiet, unassuming man devoted to God, his family, friends and his patients. My heart hurts for his family and all the rest of us who loved him greatly. His passing leaves a very large void in my life. He was always a calm and steady voice of reason. A quiet presence, never judgmental and always a willing ear. He never said a bad word about anyone and always gave people the benefit of the doubt. Due to the COVID 19 virus there was no wake and attendance was severely limited at his funeral mass. I feel blessed to have been allowed to attend. It was so comforting to be in church and be present to hear Father's homily reminding us that LOVE conquers all, even death and that we will all be together again. As I drove home afterwards it stuck me that he left as he lived. Quiet and unassuming, in the presence of his Lord and family.
May He Rest in Peace - Lynn

From Beth:
Dr. Picchetti was not just my employer, but my mentor, and friend for 31 years. I have not known a more kind hearted, compassionate person and I have been so blessed to have shared so much of my life with him. He was always a great listener and also provided excellent advise whenever I asked for it. I could not have asked for a more gracious and caring person to work for. My life is truly better for having known him. He will be missed by so many people because he truly cared about all of his patients and always strived to make them feel comfortable. Our dental team is like a family because of him and all the hundreds of patients who have been coming to our office for decades feel like part of our family. Our team won’t be the same without him and I know our patients will miss his care and friendship too. - Beth

From Leeanna:
Everyone knows that my father was the most sincere, kindest, respectful, warm hearted, and quiet soul they have ever met. He treated everyone with the same respect and care as if you were family. He was committed to helping serve people with special needs. He was a beautiful writer, every Christmas card was from his heart and soul. He made everything he did beautiful and took upmost care with whatever he was doing.

My uncle Ron and my dad have a special and yet silly brotherly bond with one another. My father was Ron’s role model to become a dentist and helped get him into Loyola’s dental school by introducing Ron to the dean. “If your a Picchetti your in,” the dean said. Since my father was very respected and trusted in dental school.

When my dad was in dental school, he met my mom. She was teaching his comparative anatomy class. There was a fire drill and my mom didn’t have a coat with her. My dad offered his coat, and that was the start of true love.

But my father had class and waited to ask her out until the semester was over.

They quickly fell in love and he knew he would marry her.

But It was such the scandal of the time bc he was full bred Italian and she was Irish and polish. But he didn’t care, from the moment he met her, that was the love of his life. And everyday he would love and care for her. He loved my mom, uncontrollably and unconditionally. Asking my mom to marry him, he said, “we will grow old together and be with each other forever in heaven.”

He always, and I mean always, had her back no matter what. Once they decided to have children, working in the intensive care unit at Rush Downtown was not an option for my mom anymore. My father became the majority of the income in our family. He gave up everything he wanted, to give us everything we needed as a family. He lived a very humble lifestyle so we could all go have a great education, and helped us out whenever he could without question or hesitation. My mom and dad just celebrated their 40 year anniversary this past December 2019.

As a child Growing up bonding with my dad we were all very active. We would ride bikes while he ran next to us. He built us the most lavish play yard in our old backyard. We had a giant front yard to play together in. From baseball, basketball, to climbing trees. It was the best childhood I could have ever asked for. We had great neighbors and would be together until dusk.

Everything he did was made from the heart and beautiful. He would build us from scratch Halloween costumes, help us with our school projects, and build us these elaborate childhood activity play centers so our imaginations would always run wild. He took us on many trips to bond us all together as a family. He just wanted to see us happy. My grandparents hosted pasta family dinners, were he was a wonderful uncle to Ryan and Kyle. Many memories of us all playing together I will cherish forever, all together.

As I got older he was that quiet security blanket to me. He only mentioned his opinions if you really needed to hear it. Otherwise he let you live your life, embracing your mistakes so you could learn from them, and always picking up the pieces if you couldn’t handle it, and without making anyone feel bad or complaining. Always letting us make our own choices to allow us to be our own self, to have our own self worth. I am thankful I became a dental hygienist and was able to work with him for as long as I did.

Since becoming a mother, all I needed from him was his quiet soul and smile. He would always play with my kids to give me a break so my anxiety and mind could relax. He knew exactly what I needed, without me even saying anything. He could just look into my eyes and know. He would just do what I needed without me even asking him. And that is what I’ll miss the most, my security blanket, my weekly dose of sanity and bonding with my children. My father’s second home,by choice, was his practice that he built up and owned over 30 years. He loved to work because he knew he was a great dentist and loved to provide the best care to his patients as if they were family. He would put people at ease. No one was ever afraid to come to the dentist when he was there. He took the time to get to know his patients and always tried to make them feel comfortable. He made it a relaxing environment to work in. His calm demeanor and the sense that nothing could get him down help hold us women together at the practice. He loved his staff, respected and appreciated everyone who came into the office. And in return he was the best boss anyone could ever ask for.

Since we all found out about his cancer, his team undoubtedly has been the best team we could work with. I’m in awe of how we have pulled it all together to keep everything running smoothly. Beth took over managing the office, Dr. Golshani came back early from her maternity leave, Dr. Jain worked over time to help us, and Dr. Dave used his resources to try to get my dad the best care for his cancer. Everyone in our team really pulled together. And I know my dad is looking down at us and saying thank you for helping my mom out during this difficult time.

My father strived to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Unfortunately cancer doesn’t care about that.

It took him down in 3 weeks and 3 days. He fought hard and bravely but his quality of life was diminishing every week. On his last day, he was smiling and very energized. He told jokes and saw all the family that last day. He died exactly where he wanted to, in my moms arms. Saying, “we will be together forever in heaven.” No one knew it would happen so suddenly. But I’m glad it was pain free and with the love of his life, my mom. I know my dad has taught us all many things. I know we will remember him. His spirit will never die. He will be with us forever. He was the light in so many of our lives, and out of everything my dad has taught us, I want that to be the most important.
We all need to be the light in someone else’s life.